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Soopa J Delux April 30, 2008

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These beauties are in my tops three favorite purchases so far. I just love love their little faces with their droopy eyes and bulbous noses. Plus the color combinations are soopa beautiful.

Jenna Colby is a self taught artist who has always been creative through different mediums, but decided to focus on painting three years ago. Originally from Ohio, Jenna has traveled and lived in both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, but has called Seattle home since 1999. Growing up in a small town Colby was always fascinated with cities and has been influenced by her travels and the people she has met and observed. “I make it a point to take note and assign a story to the passer by, giving each moment in time purpose and creating color.” After developing and beginning to show her work, Jenna came into contact with the work of artists like Mark Ryden and Yoshimoto Nara. Thinking back, she says, “Their work really moved me. It made me nervous, giddy . . . I’m not sure if there is a word for it. But after experiencing that feeling, I decided that is what I want to do to others. I want to make other people feel that way.”
“Art Star Gallery. Philadelphia,PA”

Find these and so many other amazing works of art on her Etsy site Soopa J Delux .


2 Responses to “Soopa J Delux”

  1. Renee Says:

    What a great Etsy find! I think that is so awesome of you to promote other sellers! Your blog looks fabulous, by the way… the colors and layout are great! Keep up the great work!

  2. mayabella Says:

    hi this is maya . I realy like your new blog ! I have been cheking out your blog like a lot, soon I will be looking at it more! I love you! have a fun time posting texts and pics!

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