…Stops With Me

Lots of Love May 2, 2008

I really do love Etsy. I enjoy the opportunity Etsy has created for me to sell my creations. Also for the place they dreamed up for us to find such unique and amazing handmade lovelies. Its like browsing around a kagillion craft shows full of special creative people and their handy work. That is truly wonderful. So I decided to share that with the world. And hopefully point others in Etsys direction. Lawatha created this lucious pendant in a soft lavender color for me. This lavender glass features a sepia toned “I Love Etsy” design by the very talented OneFourZero Of which I had already purchased the stamp in the same design. I’m and addict. I know.


I scream! You scream!

Ok so I don’t scream for ice cream any more but when I was a little girl I would have screamed for Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream! Now I just whine a little until my husband makes a run for 31 flavors. Or I pop on over to Etsy and find something like these little earring tasties. These along with the tiny cupcakes are my daughters favorite Etsy treasures. Sky Blue Bunny has my vote for the sweetest Etsy earlobe treats.