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The Black Apple July 17, 2008

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If you have spent 5 minutes on Etsy I am pretty sure you have seen a Black Apple sweetie. The Black Apple is the work of Emily Martin. She has been around Etsy for a while now and has become wildly successful. When you see her work, full of beautiful colors and textures, you understand why she has become a full time successful artist. I have gotten to know her in a tiny online way from reading her blog and her sweetness expands far beyond her paintings. Her fashiony style is so lovely and whimsical. She is an avid baker and adorable sock wearer. She makes the cutest stuffed sweeties, Spoonflastic fabric…

…and has the best taste in cities. She will be moving her little Black Apple bottom on over here to Portland Oregon and we are super excited to have her around town! I am giddy to the brim with my two Black Apple prints and plan to have a wall full of her sweet gals.


2 Responses to “The Black Apple”

  1. TokyoBunnie Says:

    I :heart: your blog!

  2. Anne Says:

    Hello! Is she selling that fabric yet?
    Your question about the embroidery thread – I usually use one thread when I am doing an outline in black. The most I ever use is 3 strands.

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