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Coffee Conversations April 10, 2009

Now my next find does not need much introductions. The pictures say it all!

Coffee Stencil is the product of Lithuanian husband and wife. What a super idea! At first I thought these were just prints of a picture that was photo shopped. But these are actually coffee stencils. You simply…
Place the stencil on the top of coffee cup. As these coffee stencils are flexible, you can convex or concave them according the foam level in the cap.
Place in a sieve cocoa, cinnamon or chocolate powder and sift few times on the stencil.
Carefully remove the stencil. And Voila! You have your own coffee convo!
Check out there You Tube instructions!


I’ve got the Bug! April 9, 2009

Lulubug Bee
I’ve got the Lulu bug and these pieces are at the top of my wish list! My newest finding on Etsy is Lulubug Jewelry! The artist behind Lulubug Jewery is Sue Urquhart. Her pieces are beautifully organic and inspired by nature. She gives us a little peek into the going ons of her business and her life on her Etsy profile.
lulubug berry

My name is Sue Urquhart and I named my business Lulu Bug (who is one of my sweet Shar-peis) because my last name is hard to pronounce and even harder to spell!

My day job has been in jewelry design and manufacturing for over 15 years, in both casting and fabrication. I recently discovered Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and I’m now excited and inspired to be making my own jewelry again with this new material.

I take my own artwork and make etched brass plates which I use to print the textures and images onto my pieces. The possibilities with PMC are endless – inspiration can be found everywhere for interesting textures, forms and images.

I’ve always found inspiration in nature. I especially love birds – they are found on every continent, and no matter where you are, if you stop and look you can find bird life. I enjoy just watching them go about their business, and they never fail to bring a smile to my face.

I’ve been riding my bicycle to my day job lately, and find it’s the best time to dream up new things to make. What looks like a bunch of dry weeds when zooming by in a car actually turns out to be beautiful shapes and forms when you’re going by at bicycle speeds. Just slowing down and taking a look around outside every day keeps the ideas flowing.

I’m fortunate to live in an area (Sonoma County, California) that still has an abundance of natural beauty. But there is beauty to be found everywhere, if you just look at things a bit differently. I try to express that in my jewelry.

lulubug tree

Check out her blog :)


The Black Apple July 17, 2008

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If you have spent 5 minutes on Etsy I am pretty sure you have seen a Black Apple sweetie. The Black Apple is the work of Emily Martin. She has been around Etsy for a while now and has become wildly successful. When you see her work, full of beautiful colors and textures, you understand why she has become a full time successful artist. I have gotten to know her in a tiny online way from reading her blog and her sweetness expands far beyond her paintings. Her fashiony style is so lovely and whimsical. She is an avid baker and adorable sock wearer. She makes the cutest stuffed sweeties, Spoonflastic fabric…

…and has the best taste in cities. She will be moving her little Black Apple bottom on over here to Portland Oregon and we are super excited to have her around town! I am giddy to the brim with my two Black Apple prints and plan to have a wall full of her sweet gals.


If Only… June 29, 2008

There are a few reasons I would want, if possible, to join Marty McFly in going back the future. Some big and some small. One of the smallish yet still important would be my wedding. Well the decorations to be specific. We had a totally simple and beautiful wedding in my grandmas backyard in Newport Beach, CA overlooking the ocean. We had all the flowers we could afford and a lot of tule, which is the cheepest way to wedding up a place. One of the things I would change is my bouquet. While mine was amazing, full of flowers of all types of colors and textures, It has since faded and fallen apart. I would order a beautiful button bouquet from Lil Fish Studios. Most of my friends are already married and on their way into parenthood but to anyone that I come across who is going to tie the knot will get this suggestion.
Lil Fish Studio is the work of Lisa Jordan.

I live in the woods surrounded by nature, which is often reflected in my craftwork. I work mostly with recycled or repurposed materials and enjoy giving a creative second life to discarded materials. You’ll also find me painting on occasion and I am currently working on a series of textural landscapes.


Wunderful Wunderkind part 2 June 15, 2008

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Well I promised you updates on the amazing and magical custom order from Wunderkind so here they are. I cant even put in words how excited I am about my new friendship with the awesome couple at Wunderkind. Yay! Woopie! Horay!


Dolls for Friends May 28, 2008

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Meet Ureshiitori. She is the newest edition to our family. I made another super amazing plushtastic trade with my friends at Dolls for Friends Jill and Erin. They are a super hero plush making team. Married with 3 busy children they have their hands full. Full of fun and love. Dolls for Friends use mainly reclaimed and recycled fabrics which they use to create amazing creative funky creatures. Each piece has such great texture, they are works of art. I just love how each of their characters has its own story and very layered personality. I am very happy to be called a friend with one of their dolls.


Wunderful Wunderkind! May 23, 2008

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Wunderkind Magnets in Progress

Wunderkind Magnets in Progress

I had to take a minute to stop and show you guys the amazing little works of arts my new friends at
Wunderkind have been working on. I am so pleased to have found them on Etsy and to be working with them on a custom line of MayaBella magnets! Wunderkind is the amazing Duo of Lexi and Ben. Happily married in wedded bliss, Lexi and Ben have two beautiful daughters and loads of adorable wood painted friends. Stay tuned for previews of the finished work!