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Christmas in June June 22, 2008

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So I am just way too excited not to share with you my newest Spoonflower fabric design. I know I am a little crazy but it is so fun. I am awaiting my first order of swatches. Yay!
CraftStylish contacted Spoonflower asking for holiday themes designs they will use in a holiday mention of Spoonflower. So here is my submission. :) Let me know what you think!


Spoonflower Fun June 19, 2008

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So I happened upon an amazing new company Spoonflower while making my daily visit to Emily Martin’s blog.

Spoonflower gives individuals the power to print their own designs on fabric that they can then use to make quilts, clothes, pillows, blankets, framed textile art and many, many other things that might surprise you.

Right now they are in the Beta stage so you have to put your name on a list to be invited. And I got one! Yipee! I have been learning tons about Photoshop/Gimpshop and am having so much fun coming up with fabric design ideas. I wanted to show you a sweet example of a fabric design and the finished product.
Here is okiegirl97’s design
and here is the finished work.


Mosaic Monday June 15, 2008

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Just beacause it is Monday… Heeeehaaaay!


Wunderful Wunderkind part 2

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Well I promised you updates on the amazing and magical custom order from Wunderkind so here they are. I cant even put in words how excited I am about my new friendship with the awesome couple at Wunderkind. Yay! Woopie! Horay!


All Buttoned Up June 7, 2008

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I finally sorted through my button collection and added a few piles more. Some vintage some antique. Sorting through beautiful buttons I find myself wondering what sweater or dress they came from. Who wore them? Was it their favorite? Did they hate when their mom made them wear it?


Dolls for Friends May 28, 2008

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Meet Ureshiitori. She is the newest edition to our family. I made another super amazing plushtastic trade with my friends at Dolls for Friends Jill and Erin. They are a super hero plush making team. Married with 3 busy children they have their hands full. Full of fun and love. Dolls for Friends use mainly reclaimed and recycled fabrics which they use to create amazing creative funky creatures. Each piece has such great texture, they are works of art. I just love how each of their characters has its own story and very layered personality. I am very happy to be called a friend with one of their dolls.


Wunderful Wunderkind! May 23, 2008

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Wunderkind Magnets in Progress

Wunderkind Magnets in Progress

I had to take a minute to stop and show you guys the amazing little works of arts my new friends at
Wunderkind have been working on. I am so pleased to have found them on Etsy and to be working with them on a custom line of MayaBella magnets! Wunderkind is the amazing Duo of Lexi and Ben. Happily married in wedded bliss, Lexi and Ben have two beautiful daughters and loads of adorable wood painted friends. Stay tuned for previews of the finished work!