…Stops With Me

Sweet Pea Bicycles July 29, 2008

We have lived here in Portland for about 9 months or so and there are 2 things that stand way out. You cannot miss all the Thai food joints and all the BIKES! Portland is a bike crazy city. Which to me seems a little funny since it rains about 37-40 inches per year. Although our rain is more like a lovely mist. Anyway… I am finding that a bike is a good thing to have here. Not to mention I have three little kids who love to be outside. So the newest item on my list of things that would be nice to have around it a beautiful Sweetpea Farmers Market Bicycle. Sweetpea Bicycles is Natalie and Austin Ramsland. Natalie has been a bike messenger (Whoa!) in Portland for the last five years so she knows what a woman needs in a bike.

Each woman gets fit to a totally adjustable size cycle, which allows each rider to feel the perfect fit before the bike is even built. This process allows us to transform each woman’s unique body mechanics and alignment into a riding position that is comfortable and efficient; and then to build the bike around that.

I have never had a bike that really fit me. So their process to fit the bike to the rider really makes sense. This Sweetpea bicycle really is an awesome investment. And to top it all off they are working with a local credit union where you can get a bike loan!