…Stops With Me

Coffee Conversations April 10, 2009

Now my next find does not need much introductions. The pictures say it all!

Coffee Stencil is the product of Lithuanian husband and wife. What a super idea! At first I thought these were just prints of a picture that was photo shopped. But these are actually coffee stencils. You simply…
Place the stencil on the top of coffee cup. As these coffee stencils are flexible, you can convex or concave them according the foam level in the cap.
Place in a sieve cocoa, cinnamon or chocolate powder and sift few times on the stencil.
Carefully remove the stencil. And Voila! You have your own coffee convo!
Check out there You Tube instructions!


Things I would like to stop with me May 12, 2008

I decided to start a new section to go along with my little treasures.

Lovelies that would be nice to have around.

The first lovely is a sweet and amazing print by Madelaine.

Madelaine was born in Edmonton, Alberta in the year Nineteen Ninety-One. She now lives in the Appalachian mountains, very far from Canada and all cities. She is Canadian and American. Madelaine is very fond of red leaves, old suitcases and a boy named Critter.

If you were to visit her she would probably be painting or sleeping or making a cherry pie. She likes to walk in circles around people, find buried treasure and refer to herself in the third person. She is two-hundred and three months old.

Madelaine is very friendly, and likes to talk to people she can’t see. You could always start a conversation with her or send her an email, her email is: madelaine.etsy@gmail.com

I am just so excited about this lady I cant stand it. My 2 little girlies are very creative and crafty and I pray and dream that they will one day be their own kind of Madelaines.


Lots of Love May 2, 2008

I really do love Etsy. I enjoy the opportunity Etsy has created for me to sell my creations. Also for the place they dreamed up for us to find such unique and amazing handmade lovelies. Its like browsing around a kagillion craft shows full of special creative people and their handy work. That is truly wonderful. So I decided to share that with the world. And hopefully point others in Etsys direction. Lawatha created this lucious pendant in a soft lavender color for me. This lavender glass features a sepia toned “I Love Etsy” design by the very talented OneFourZero Of which I had already purchased the stamp in the same design. I’m and addict. I know.