…Stops With Me

Things I would like to stop with me May 12, 2008

I decided to start a new section to go along with my little treasures.

Lovelies that would be nice to have around.

The first lovely is a sweet and amazing print by Madelaine.

Madelaine was born in Edmonton, Alberta in the year Nineteen Ninety-One. She now lives in the Appalachian mountains, very far from Canada and all cities. She is Canadian and American. Madelaine is very fond of red leaves, old suitcases and a boy named Critter.

If you were to visit her she would probably be painting or sleeping or making a cherry pie. She likes to walk in circles around people, find buried treasure and refer to herself in the third person. She is two-hundred and three months old.

Madelaine is very friendly, and likes to talk to people she can’t see. You could always start a conversation with her or send her an email, her email is: madelaine.etsy@gmail.com

I am just so excited about this lady I cant stand it. My 2 little girlies are very creative and crafty and I pray and dream that they will one day be their own kind of Madelaines.